2022 School Board Elections

September 7, 2022
2022 School Board Elections

Islanders are about to elect school board trustees, which is something that hasn’t happened here since 2008. The election process will be conducted entirely by mail-in ballot over a seven week period. Trustees will be elected for both the Public Schools Branch (English) and the French Language School Board.

How do I vote? To cast a ballot, Islanders will first need to apply for one. Elections PEI would like for those applications to be submitted online. Eligible voters will begin to receive their ballot packages by mail after Sept. 26. All ballots must be returned to Elections PEI before the deadline at noon on Oct. 21. 📅

‍Who are the candidates? No one knows just yet. The candidate nomination period runs from Sept. 12 to Sept. 23. Candidate bios will be posted online after the nomination period. I’ll remind you of this in a few weeks. 🔔

Why does this matter? Trustees have a lot of influence over the delivery of education in this province. They have their hands in everything from setting policy and strategic plans (like recommending school closures), to approving budgets and evaluating school board staff. 🏫

When will results be released?: Elections PEI will post the unofficial results to their website at 6:00PM on Oct. 21. ⚠️

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