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I graduated from Holland College in 2011. I worked at the local newspaper as an intern for about a year, then was hired on contract to fill in for a few months. Island Edition has been a goal project of mine since I graduated.

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Island Edition was launched to give Islanders a fast method to learn the most important details of what's happening in the community. If you take a typical news article, all the important details are contained within the first few dozen words. Everything after that is filler, for the most part. This style of news writing is intentional, and is based off of print publications that measure content in inches, actual physical space on a page between advertisements. For whatever reason, this style of news writing carried over to the internet - a platform where context can be linked to, rather than written out.

This is a new concept for Prince Edward Island.

No one else is delivering information to Islanders like this, but the concept has been proven in other jurisdictions. Through trial and error, I will make my best effort to build something inclusive for our Island.

Values and Ethics.

Journalistic integrity is a core value of Island Edition. Every effort will be made, always, to publish only accurate information, without bias. That said, human error is a reality experienced in every profession. Mistakes will be made, but when they are, Island Edition will always issue a correction.

Another core value is respect. Island Edition does not exist to create division in our community. Island Edition will take no part in publishing anything that is based on hate, discrimination, and misogyny. As Island Edition evolves, an editorial advisory board will be established to ensure that every community is given a voice, and is being properly represented.


Island Edition is open to feedback and criticism. If you have something to tell me, drop me a line here.

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Island Edition launched in June 2022.

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Island Edition features original reporting with some curated content from trusted sources mixed in. Links to other media outlets are often used to provide context to readers who wish to know the backstory on something current.

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