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I'm a proud graduate of Holland College's journalism program, class of 2011. My brief stint working in the business included an internship at the local newspaper followed by a summer contract. The decade that followed led me down a different career path, but the dream born during college persisted - building a digital-first information platform for Islanders.

I hope you approach Island Edition with skepticism, as you should with any new source of information online. It’s my hope to earn your trust over time.

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Welcome to Island Edition, your go-to source for essential community news and information. In a age where news can be overwhelming, Island Edition is here to simplify. The newsletter’s clean and basic writing style cuts through the noise, delivering the key details you need, usually in 100 words or less.

Island Edition was born out of a need for straightforward information in a changing news landscape. With the closure of one daily newspaper and the shrinking of another, coupled with political uncertainties surrounding publicly funded news, the timing to introduce a new, locally-owned alternative presented itself. Island Edition’s approach takes inspiration from the concise style of modern publications, while respecting and upholding the fundamental principles of responsible communication.

Island Edition’s mission is to connect Islanders with their communities by keeping them in the know without any fuss. Join Island Edition and stay connected with your community in a refreshingly simple way.

Values and Ethics.

Journalistic integrity stands as an unwavering cornerstone. Island Edition's commitment rests upon publishing only accurate, unbiased information. Human error is inevitable across all professions, so while mistakes may arise, Island Edition's dedication to rectification remains steadfast; a correction will always be issued when an error is made.

Respect anchors another fundamental value. Island Edition's purpose is not to sow discord within the community. Therefore, Island Edition refrains from disseminating content rooted in hate, discrimination, or misogyny. As the publication progress, the evolution of Island Edition will be guided by an editorial advisory board. This step ensures that each community's voice is heard and authentically represented in the publication.


Island Edition is open to feedback and criticism. If you have something to tell me, drop me a line here.

1 Year Running

Island Edition launched in June 2022.

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Island Edition features original reporting with a focus on presenting essential information concisely. The content aims to provide readers with the basic facts they need to understand current events without unnecessary elaboration.

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